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This site is presented by "Scientific-Production Enterprise IMVO Ltd", located at the address: 79 016 st. Angelovycha, 28, Lviv, Ukraine. Registered address: 79005, st., Shota Rustaveli, 30/8, Lviv, Ukraine. The information provided on this site about the company "Scientific-Production Enterprise IMVO Ltd" (hereinafter referred to as "IMVO") is thoroughly prepared. However, we can not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information posted on this site. IMVO shall not be liable for any errors that may have been admitted to the content of this site.
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1. Copyright

The content of this site is protected by copyright. In particular, any reproduction, adaptation, translation, placement and paraphrasing of the content of this site to other media, including the placement or paraphrasing in the electronic media, is protected by copyright. Any full or partial use of such information shall be permitted only after prior written consent of IMVO. The content and structure of the site are protected by copyright. Any reproduction of information or data, in particular, the use of texts or fragments of text, graphics is permitted only with prior written consent of IMVO. All rights on distribution and reproduction belong to IMVO. Copyright in full also applies to images that are automatically or manually added to the archive of the site. The photos placed on the site by IMVO may be used solely for editorial purposes. The photos that are reproduced, and in the electronic version of which the editorial changes are made, shall have the copyright symbol "© [year] IMVO. Lviv. All rights reserved". Reprinting is free, but on the address of IMVO a copy shall be sent of the reprinted material with a mark "© [year] IMVO. Lviv. All rights reserved".


2. Trademarks

IMVO company logo, which contains a holographic image of the company name IMVO and all product names and design of products are registered trademarks of IMVO. Any formal or informal use of these trademarks without the consent of IMVO is prohibited and is a violation of trademark law, copyright and of other intellectual property rights or unfair competition law.


3. General Disclaimer

Any liability of IMVO for any loss or damage resulting from use of this site - regardless of legal grounds, including tort - is limited to damages caused intentionally. These provisions do not apply to liability of IMVO in accordance with the law on the responsibility for poor quality products or responsibility that derives from the guarantees provided by IMVO. The foregoing limitation of liability also does not apply in case of injury to human life and health. IMVO makes significant efforts to protect the site from viruses, however, we can not guarantee their absence. In this connection, we recommend users to take measures to protect their computers from viruses (using virus scanners) before downloading documents and data from the site of IMVO. IMVO does not guarantee absence of any errors or malfunction of certain options on the site and is not responsible for the availability of these options.


4.Long-term statements and statement of intentions

Long-term statements placed on the site are based on our latest available information. However, the results achieved in reality may differ significantly from these statements, because these depend on several factors of competitive and macroeconomic nature that may be beyond the control of IMVO. IMVO does not intend to make regular changes in long-term forecast and statements that are contained on the pages of this site.


5. Products of IMVO

The products on which information is available on the pages of this site are examples of products manufactured by IMVO. In order to ensure an adequate level of reliability of the information about the possibility of production and sales of a particular kind of IMVO products we recommend that you contact the authorized representatives of IMVO using the contact information provided on this site.



These General Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by and shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Ukraine. Within the limits defined by applicable law, the place for the court, which shall hear the case on all the controversy, caused by this site, is assigned a city of Lviv, Ukraine. In case any provision of these General Conditions and Terms of Use is or shall be invalid, the other provisions shall remain in force.

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