Corporative Ethics

The basis values of our enterprise are the following:
• Responsibility to the customer and the society as a whole
• Competence, innovation, creativity
• Rational use of available at the enterprise resources
• Continuous perfection based on the knowledge and creativity of all the workers of the company
• Abidance by high ethical norms inside the company and in relation with the business partners of the enterprise

Ethic norms of the Code of the Corporative Business Ethics are aimed at ensuring social confidence to the professionalism and honesty of the enterprise, strengthening its business reputation. Activity of the enterprise is directed towards bringing benefits to the society as a whole, to the company and to each worker.

Ethical norms in relations with the customer.

Ethical is:
• Relations to the customer as to the main value for the enterprise
• Competence, resourcefulness and responsiveness
• Accuracy and convincingness in decision framing for customers’ needs and conditions for fulfilling them
• Consulting during negotiations with the customer that brings him to better understanding of the core of his needs
• Partnership spirit in relations with the customer, respect of customer’s interests
• Responsible attitude to the commitments to the customer
• Use of specific professional knowledge for explaining the customer’s requirements and achievement on this basis of market goals for the company
• Competition in struggle for orders is based on the struggle between ideas, solutions and concepts
• Validity of data mentioned in promotional and reference material that is spread by the company
• Timeliness and accuracy of deliveries to the customers

Ethical norms in relations with the suppliers.

Ethical is:
• Timely and accurate fulfilment of contract responsibilities by the supplier and the company
• United work on improvement of the supply system
• Supplier’s responsibilities for the proper quality of raw materials, other materials, assembly parts and their marking and packing accordingly
• Mutual responsibilities of the sides as to the accuracy and timely preparation and submission of record-keeping documents (invoices, certificates, statements, etc.)
• United processing of quality questions and efficiency of use of some materials in production
• Confidentiality of commercial secrecy as to the conditions of the contract relations
• Provision of aid for the supplier in improving its delivery system and improving quality of its services