Movement joints

General characteristics:

  • provide smooth passage of vehicles over the bridges;
  • provide full leakproofness;
  • protect the bridge from premature destruction;
  • recommended for widespread use in all transport facilities.

SPE IMVO produces one profile movement joints for bridge construction WSF80 and WSF100 in own factory in Lviv under license and in accordance with the technology of the Austrian company REISNER & WOLF Engineering Ges.mbH "(Wales, Austria). This product is designed for the perception of the maximum displacement of 80 mm. and 100 mm. in the construction of bridges as a result of thermal effects. Movement joints are used in building, repairing, reconstruction of bridges, roads and other constructions for various purposes. The price is formed individually for each linear meter.
The edges of joint are formed by bridge supports or extreme bearing beams that provide a secure connection (anchoring) with purlin construction. Movement joints can be joined to reinforced concrete and steel constructions. The distance between the outer beams varies depending on the longitudinal displacements. The distance between the edge beams depends on the longitudinal displacement of the ends of spans. Elastic compensator of movement joints (EPDM material, tensile strength 11 MPa) is located at 30 mm. below the road surface and protected from exposure wheel vehicles, removing attachments and other equipment. Clamping connection of the edges and elastic compensator are hermetic and don’t hinder the movement of purlin constructions with its own deformations. It is resistant to the dynamic and fatigue loads and requires no during the service period. When solid objects up to 30 mm get stuck in an elastic compensator, it will not be damaged. After changing the temperature solid objects are pushed out.

Advantages of movement joints of our production:

  • supplied in full factory readiness;
  • easy to install;
  • can be replaced or repaired after working lifetime;
  • meet the requirements of water resistance, strength and durability.
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