Warehouse logistics, as a process, are multiple and demanding. The components of this complex system are humans, technical equipment (forklifts, stackers, picking systems, transport systems etc.), racking structures and warehouse management systems.

In developing the racking systems the requirements of various technologies of warehousing and storage should be taken into account:

  • new weight and dimensions parameters of goods require constant creation of new solutions.
  • productivity growth in handling and storing goods as well as more strict safety regulations compel manufacturers and solutions suppliers to reveal an increasing insistence in finding effective responses.

This page shows some accessories and components of IMVO storage systems. The list is constantly updated, and the ideas of ​​design solutions are often born at our engineers in the inspired and creative discussion with customers.


Pallet racking upright protections

Purpose: Protection of upright columns from damage by load handling trucks.


Front guard

Corner guard

Frame end protection bar


Advantages of IMVO upright protections:

  • We use the appropriate steel.
  • We simulate the behaviour and test our protection components in extreme conditions
  • We use appropriate fastening elements
  • We develop and manufacture protection elements according to individual specifications

Pallet back stops

Purpose: Prevent displacement of loaded pallets placed on the beams.


Reliable and effective design.

Back wall mesh panels Purpose: Preventing goods from falling down into aisles.

Auxiliary devices for storing non-standard goods

  • Cross-bar for non-standard inventory.
  • Support for metal containers.
  • Support for rolling loads.

Guides for narrow aisle trucks

Purpose: Enabling work of narrow aisle trucks in the aisles of selective and drive in / drive out racking.

Examples of solutions

Features of construction:

  • Reliable and stable fixing to the floor.
  • Durable corrosion-resistant coating.
  • Tested and approved by experts from Atlas Company

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